4 Mass Planting Ideas

Mass plantings can change your landscape from ho-hum to spectacular. Mass plantings are many of the same plants planted together in an area. Most mass plantings make use of either annual or perennial flowers. Mass plantings have immense visual impact and can set your landscape apart from others.

Here are a few mass planting ideas we’re sure will add incredible beauty to your garden.

azalea bushes
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1. Flowering Shrubs for Mass Planting

A great way to achieve the look is with flowering bushes like azaleas. If you have ever seen the Masters golf tournament, that golf course is world-renowned for its beautiful blooming azaleas and rhododendrons. If you have tall pines in your yard, azaleas make a great understory planting, as they prefer the shade. A mass planting of flowering shrubs will look spectacular.


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2. Mass Plant Spring Bulbs

Probably the ultimate mass planting of spring bulbs is the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens in Holland. If you are planting spring bulbs, remember the flowers and foliage will die off after a month or two. Your garden will be empty unless you plant a companion for the tulips that will replace the tulips when they finish blooming in the garden. Your companion plant can also be useful to hide the dying foliage.

Plus, keep in mind that early tulips and other bulbs bloom before the trees leaf out so they may be in full sun while the companion plant is going to be in shade once the trees have their leaves. Even easier is to naturalize your spring bulbs in the lawn. If you plant the early spring varieties, they will finish blooming before the lawn needs to be mown. Once the flowers are finished blooming, the foliage will blend in with the grass and can be mown without harming the plants.

If you want a mass planting of spring bulbs, don’t forget they have to be planted in the fall. Watch for the fall catalog of plants. They often include bulbs and there could be a benefit when purchasing larger quantities of bulbs for sale.

3. Mass Plant Foliage

The impact of mass plantings can be achieved with foliage as well like mass plantings of hostas or grasses. Mass plantings are also effective as a transition from landscaped yards to natural areas by using grasses or other foliage plants.

4. Mass Plant Flowers

When choosing the right flowers for mass planting in your garden, look at the color theme you have established. If most of your plants are pastel color, a mass garden planting of red flowers may be jarring to the overall look of your garden. At the same time, a pastel-colored mass garden will look washed out in a yard of primary, bright-colored flowers.

If you want to try a mass planting in your yard, decide where it will be. Maybe you want your mass planting to be the focal point of your front entrance. Once you know where you want your garden to be, consider the light conditions in that area. The plants you choose for your mass planting should do well with the light available. Measure the area and determine how far apart the plants need to be based on their full-grown size. You should be able to estimate the number of plants to purchase for the area.

Amending the soil should be done before you put a plant in the ground. This garden will be there for years and this is your best chance to amend the soil. Consider testing the soil for pH and nutrient levels. You are making an investment of time and money so give your plants the best chance to survive and thrive.

preparing flower bed
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When you are ready to plant, set the plants in position before planting. Decide on the pattern and what looks best to you. Make sure the plants are evenly spaced and the entire area is covered. Once the position of the plants is pleasing to you, plant your garden. Finish the garden with a good layer of mulch.

Have fun planning your mass planting and get ready for all the compliments this special garden will receive. Make sure you have plenty of spots in your garden to have a seat and enjoy the view when these stunning plantings start to fill in.