All Trees

Beautify landscapes, lower energy bills, and increase property values

Trees are a marvel of nature. Of course, we appreciate their majestic arboreal beauty and unparalleled ability to enliven the landscape with functional forms, fine foliage, and often fragrant flowers and/or flavorful fruits. And we recognize how they complement our architecture and gracefully incorporate tall buildings into the landscape. But trees are also excellent garden stewards. They enhance the ecosystem by improving air quality and soil conditions and by providing food and haven for the bees, butterflies, birds, and other pollinators that help keep our gardens healthy and prolific. Plus, trees reduce erosion and help conserve water by containing runoff.

Trees are our allies in so many ways. Calming and restorative, they support our wellbeing. Their leafy canopies not only provide shady respite on hot summer days but also regulate the temperatures in our yards and gardens. And they can even lower energy bills: placing deciduous trees on the south and west sides of our homes helps keep them cool in summer; creating windbreaks with evergreens on the north side of our homes or planting them around the foundation, helps insulate them from harsh winter winds. And evergreens also make great privacy screens that shield us from undesirable views or excessive noise. Along with saving us money, trees make our homes more appealing, increasing their value.

Trees also make excellent gifts to commemorate significant events, such as memorializing a loved one or marking a birth. With all their many benefits that improve our lives, trees are just something we simply can’t live without.