Growing Tree Roses

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Posted on 11/09/2021

‘Always and Forever’ 36-inch Hybrid Tree Rose

Tree Roses – sometimes known as ‘Rose Standards’ – are an interesting form of roses that are grafted by using a long rose cane with no foliage. At Jackson & Perkins, we use only the most optimal root stock when grafting our Tree Roses, ensuring the highest chance for success when growing these lovely blooms. Tree Roses are usually available in two sizes, 24-inch and 36-inch. One of the most appealing factors of Tree Roses is their ability to be grown in small areas – even in pots – so anyone is able to bring the beauty of roses to their outdoor area, no matter how small that area may be.

Growing Tree Roses is easy and relatively low-maintenance. They tend to grow more successfully in warmer climates, and cold climates with winter protection. Tree Roses are available in a variety of colors and some of the most favorite blooms are available in tree form!


You must first decide where you want to grow your Tree Rose, in the garden or in a container? Choosing an area that receives at least 6 hours of sun per day is crucial. If you choose to grow in a container, choose one that is large enough to accommodate the root growth as well as has a drainage hole. When choosing a pot or container – bigger is always better.

Tree Roses in containers will make a lovely display on the deck or patio, on a balcony, or as a accent in the entryway of your home. Having them in containers makes it easier to move them to a protected area in colder climates where the threat of severe winter weather may occur.

You can also plant Tree Roses directly in the garden. Again, choose an are that received at least 6 hours of sun per day. Prepare the soil in the are 2- to 3-days before planting. For bareroot tree roses, follow the pre-planting instructions that are included when your rose arrives. Once your tree rose is planted, caring for it is comparable to any other shrub rose that you may grow. You will surely enjoy seasons of unique beauty and beautiful blooms!