Thanksgiving Table Decorating with Living Plants

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Posted on 11/09/2021

You put so much energy into loading the thanksgiving table up with an epic feast, you don’t want the meal to fall short due to an un-festive atmosphere. The right decor can be the key to making a meal truly memorable.

Festive Floral Sets from Jackson & Perkins

For Thanksgiving decorations, a lot of people go the obvious route, decorating with orange and brown streamers, turkeys, corn, and cornucopias. Festive fall decor is all the rage at department stores around this time of year, and you can find these themes emblazoned on every cup, napkin, and ribbon on the shelves.

But why honor the tradition of the harvest with cheap mass-produced products? Instead why not add real plants to your thanksgiving table? There’s no substitute for life!


Festive Kalanchoe in Red Cachepot.

Plants like Noble Fir are ready-made centerpieces that will only grow more beautiful over time! Simply grow your plant in a warm spot with good light, then move it over to your table before the guests arrive. Evergreen centerpieces are also an elegant solution.

Smaller plants like J&P’s Festive Sets are perfect for placeholder gifts. If you really want to win people over, send them home with presents! A small plant is a great going-away gift that they can treasure for years, remembering you every time they look fondly at it! Sold in sets of 3, 4, or 6, these gifts are an easy and economical way to give gorgeous blooming plants to any number of guests!


Give the gift of roses in a lovely golden cachepot!

Tie the whole vibrant display together with woodsy natural accents like Pumpkins, Wheat, Fallen Leaves, Acorns, or J&P’s Evergreens. There are plenty of ideas on the web for how to use these natural items to beautiful effect, like this ingenious DIY that adds warm, romantic color to the room using some fall leaves and a glass votive holder.

If you really want to get their mouths watering, why not include fresh food in the display? You could use apples to create votive holders like these with a quick and easy DIY. The moisture in the apples keeps them from burning, and the fragrance they release is lovely! Cuttings from large herbs like Sage and Rosemary will not only look lovely on the table, but their fragrance and taste can enhance your meal’s savoriness! And Rosemary sprigs can be crafted into mini-wreathes like these to add a lovely touch to name cards.

With a little ingenuity and the right accents, you can make your whole holiday season magical!