Amaryllis Bulbs: The Easiest and Most Stunning Holiday Bloom

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Posted on 09/25/2023

When you think of festive holiday flowers, poinsettias may be the first that come to mind. But there's a rising star in the world of holiday flora: the radiant amaryllis bulb. Their ascent to holiday stardom isn't only due to their exceptional beauty, but also their simplicity and ease of growth, especially compelling for first-timer growers.

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Amaryllis

For those new to growing amaryllis, here's the good news: they're incredibly beginner-friendly!

Starting Off:

If you've selected a potted amaryllis bulb, half the work is done. If not, simply plant the bulb in a pot with good-quality soil, ensuring the upper third of the bulb remains exposed.


Initially, water sparingly until you see about 2 inches of growth. After that, increase the frequency, but remember, overwatering is the most common mistake we make in caring for amaryllis.


Place your amaryllis in a bright spot, but not under direct sunlight. As the stem grows, you might notice it leaning towards the light. Rotate the pot occasionally to keep the stem growing straight.


Blooming Wonders:

In 6-8 weeks, you'll witness a spectacle. Each bulb produces multiple large, trumpet-shaped flowers that can last for weeks. Their vibrant hues will offset the winter gloom, making each glance a moment for joy.

Post-Bloom Care:

After the amaryllis has flowered, it doesn’t have to mean the end! Cut off the old flowers and continue to water and feed the plant. With proper care, the bulb will bloom again the next year. In Zones 8-10, you can plant the bulbs in your perennial garden next spring.

Why Amaryllis is Gaining Popularity

Amaryllis bulbs combine the best of all worlds: ease of growth for beginners, minimal care requirements, and unparalleled beauty. Plus, their long-lasting blooms ensure that the festive spirit lingers well beyond the holiday season.