Amaryllis Gifts

Your Favorite Festive Flower

Amaryllis Gifts are becoming more and more popular as a favorite winter holiday flower, rivaling even the poinsettia. We can completely understand the love for amaryllis. One look at the amaryllis flower will convince anyone that this is a must-have showstopper. Available in a variety of colors, the amaryllis will stand out from the rest of your houseplants with its exotic-looking, easy-care flowers that make it a perfect gift any time.

Our amaryllis bulbs will come to you potted in a decorative container that complements the beauty of the flower. You can trust that the amaryllis bulbs for sale at Jackson & Perkins are of the highest quality. Everything the amaryllis needs to bloom successfully is contained in the bulb. This means the waxed bulbs do not need soil or even water to produce the fabulous amaryllis flowers. You and your friends will be amazed to watch this plant grow with absolutely no care and still produce magnificent flowers. The added bonus is that with a little additional care, your amaryllis bulb will bloom for you year after year.