Roses by Feature

Choose the roses with the features that are most important to you

Roses are incredibly versatile plants in the garden. There is a rose for almost every use in and every level of the garden, from the ground up.

Groundcover roses not only blanket the garden floor but also tumble over garden walls and overflow hanging baskets. Shrub, hedge, and floribunda roses fill in at midlevel. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and add structure to gardens and landscapes. Many varieties of floribundas are great options for containers on patios and small balconies, and tree roses make especially nice ‘thrillers’ in container gardens mixed with other sunny perennials. Hybrid teas and grandifloras are essentials in cutting gardens, as they typically offer the biggest blooms and the most fragrance; however, the blooms from just about any type of rose can be used for indoor displays, from kitchen table bouquets to large floral arrangements. But the climbers are the roses that reach for the sky, some growing to dizzying heights. They can be allowed to naturally fountain or be trained to weave through fences or to grow up arbors, trellises, and walls. And they can couple with clematis, their sturdy branches supporting the nimble clematis as it gracefully twines around them, creating a colorful and textural living tapestry.

Although hybrid teas and grandifloras offer the most options for fragrant varieties, almost every type of rose has fragrant options. And there is a range of fragrances to choose from: classic floral, fruity, licorice, spicy, sweet, and more.

And roses aren’t just for the expert gardener. Most modern roses have been bred for disease resistance. So, even casual or novice gardeners can have success with roses. And no gardener should have to do without the exceptional beauty of roses in their garden.