Kordes Roses

The next generation of roses!

Every rosarian dreams of a garden full of top-performing roses! Kordes roses have over 125 years of experience in breeding some of the most exceptional roses that are planted in gardens all over the world. Extensive trials are performed on these roses to ensure that each bloom grows exceptionally. Their trial sites in Germany and the United States do not use fungicides of any type, so you will receive healthy Kordes roses that can also stand up to the peskiest of diseases — such as black spot and mildew. The genetics of these roses are simply unmatched!

If you're looking for a rose that requires little maintenance but still performs at top quality and provides a wonderful fragrance, Kordes roses are the right choice! Their resistance to fungal diseases is even more important now when pretty much all the country is facing weather changes. With global warming and unusual weather patterns, being able to grow roses that are not susceptible to black spot or mildew relieves the grower of one of the most common problems faced in the rose garden. That’s one of the many benefits of the roses we carry — they’re built to withstand most garden conditions with the right help from the gardener. 

At Jackson & Perkins, our selection of Kordes roses for sale includes floribundas, hybrid tea roses and climbing roses. Many of our Kordes roses are small enough to grow in containers on your patio. We even offer a Kordes rose Iceberg, which is a 24-inch tree rose. Your tree rose will have a mass of white flowers that will add a stunning display — lining your driveway or flanking your entry door.