Citrus Trees

Vibrant fruit for all your citrus-flavored needs

Do you love making your own lemonade, squeezing fresh lime juice over your favorite shrimp tacos or creating the perfect lemon curd for your favorite cakes? If that sounds like you, it’s safe to say you’re a citrus fruit fan, and it might be time to consider growing your own citrus trees. They’re easier than you might imagine. Whether you prefer orange trees, lemon trees, or lime trees, they all can be grown indoors, making it possible to grow citrus regardless of what growing zone you live in. Citrus fruit trees will be a beautiful addition to your houseplants with their full, glossy evergreen leaves, the scented blossoms and finally the delicious fruit you grew yourself.

To grow them indoors, all you need is quality soil and fertilizer, a good pot and a spot to put your citrus tree in a bright window. Then, simply rotate it from time to time to ensure all the leaves are exposed to the sun a few times a week. You can take your citrus tree outside in the warm weather and enjoy it on your balcony or patio. In just a few months, you will be picking your own oranges, lemons, or limes to eat fresh, add to your favorite drink or use as an ingredient in your cooking and baking.

Add more than extra vitamins and nutrition to your home or patio with Jackson & Perkins citrus trees for sale. You’ll love watching them grow, whether you’ve got a large garden or a small-spaced urban oasis.