The Best Way to Bring Nature Indoors

Indoor houseplants are an easy way to brighten and beautify your home. Even though many houseplants don’t bloom, their textures, shapes and colors add a touch of greenery to your home’s interior. An effective way of displaying houseplants is in a group. Each plant should have a unique look from the other. For instance, a tall spiky snake plant with a lacy fern and a vining pothos will be an interesting grouping. If you have a standout plant like a colorful croton, you might want to give it the spotlight alone.

The great thing about houseplants is no green thumb experience is required. No matter your level of plant expertise, houseplants are easy and enjoyable to maintain. Water regularly, remembering that more houseplants are killed by overwatering than underwatering. They don’t need fertilizer for the first six months and then a mild houseplant fertilizer is all you need. They couldn’t be easier.

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