Christmas Plants

Christmas is a Time for Special Celebrations, Make Sure Your Gift is Special, Too

Honor your loved ones and the winter holidays with unique plants, blooming arrangements, and adorable living Christmas gifts. Choose from an impressive collection that includes potted plants in designer containers, whimsical charmers that bloom abundantly, and scented favorites that bring the organic smell of pine boughs and sweet flowers into your holiday home and make cherished Christmas gifts for your friends, family, and coworkers. Imagine their delight when your gift recipients unbox their lasting, living gift that can be enjoyed before, during, and after the Christmas holiday season. Some of our living Christmas gifts can even be planted outdoors while others may rebloom indoors with proper care (a care guide is included with each of our living gifts, so you and your recipients know what to expect). No matter the celebration, Christmas or other winter holiday, you’re sure to find the perfect growing, blooming gift for all the special people on your holiday gift list.