Gardenia Gifts

Breathe in the majesty!

Gardenias are one of the most beloved scented flowers. Their aroma is one-of-a-kind, so it’s no wonder they’ve been given as gifts for ages and even have poems written about them. A gift of a living plant that will live for years to come and bring so much joy is really special. That’s why our gardenia flower arrangements are so popular and unique. Plenty of people get roses or bulb gardens, but how often can you say you got a gardenia from a loved one? You could even treat yourself to the beautiful snow white gardenia flower that stands out against the dark green, glossy foliage.

At Jackson & Perkins, we offer our gardenia plants in six-inch decorative cache pots or a contemporary low container with a Bonsai look. Gardenia plant delivery is timed so that the plant is not blooming. This is intentional to avoid damage to the blooms. It will be budded out and ready to provide a beautiful display of scented gardenia flowers that will bloom for weeks. All our living plant gardenia gifts come with instructions on care so that your gift will last a very long time.

Gardenias like cool temperatures and humidity. Provide humidity by either misting your gardenia or placing on a tray of decorative pebbles with water.

The gardenia gift is perfect for that special person in your life, from loved ones to coworkers, kids or a best friend. A gardenia plant delivery will make any birthday or anniversary even more special.

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