Rosarians Make Rose Growing Easier for You

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Posted on 01/06/2023

Rosarians are rose growing experts.

You might think that a 150-year track record of purveying only the best roses would provide esteem enough for Jackson & Perkins. But our love of growing roses, and our emphasis on helping you acquire some of that love, means that we take things a step (or a furlong) further.

Let’s dig in to more about what rosarians are and finish up with why it’s critically important to Jackson & Perkins to have rosarians on staff and to work closely with the American Rose Society (ARS).

What is a rosarian?

A rosarian is an expert in all things related to growing, cultivating, and caring for roses. Certified Consulting and Master Rosarians are volunteers who are certified by the ARS. A Master Rosarian is a Consulting Rosarian who has been recognized for contributing their expertise to the public, other rosarians, their local rose society, and the ARS.

They are the ultimate rose experts!

Master Rosarian

First and foremost, a master rosarian has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to growing roses. They can provide valuable insights and advice on how to choose the right variety of roses for your specific needs and growing conditions, as well as how to properly plant and care for them. This can save you time and money by ensuring that your roses remain healthy and thrive for years, or even decades, in your garden.


How Rosarians Help Home Gardeners

In addition to providing expert advice to our customers, our master rosarians also play a crucial role in helping Jackson & Perkins select and source the highest-quality roses. By working closely with rose growers and breeders, a master rosarian helps us ensure that we are offering you the best possible roses for your gardens.

Our product information is meticulously reviewed, edited, and enhanced by our master rosarians to reflect the proper growing conditions to help maximize your enjoyment and gardening success. In fact, we’ve acquired more cold-hardy roses for Zone 3 and varieties that resist common rose diseases due to the expertise of our lead and master rosarians.

Another important benefit of having a master rosarian on staff is their ability to troubleshoot problems and provide solutions to common issues that can arise when growing roses. From pests and diseases to improper watering and pruning techniques, a master rosarian has the knowledge and experience to help customers overcome any challenge they may face with their roses.

A consulting or master gardener can also help make the experience of growing and caring for roses more enjoyable. Imagine having an expert on hand to answer your burning rose-related questions and provide solutions. It's like having your own personal rose guru! And for us at Jackson & Perkins, it ensures that we are recommending the most appropriate roses for your garden, growing zone, and environmental conditions.


Browse our learning centers: Growing & Caring for Your Roses and Rose Care Video Library. They are provided by our own Master and Certified Rosarians. You can also contact your local rose society on the ARS website or ask their Cyber Rosarian a question online.