2015 Holiday Decor Trends

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Posted on 11/08/2021

Decorating for the holidays can seem like a chore, and can get pretty stressful. You want to impress your guests, and make your home feel warm and inviting, but not everyone has time for that—or the budget. Luckily, you don’t have to hire a party planner, and you can do the decorating yourself with these simple tips. It’s not so hard to be trendy after all!

Tiny Trees

As people are trying to be more efficient by saving money and space, even tiny houses—as small as 100 square feet—are trending. What goes best in a tiny house during the holidays? A tiny tree of course! These tiny table top trees are perfect for the micro-apartment, and look wonderful as a centerpiece if you’re not so short on space. Plus, they’re REAL!

Go Natural

It’s no secret that humans have quite a large footprint when it comes to the environment. But, guess what? There are simple ways to improve your footprint during the holidays, like not using ornaments and disposable decorations. Why not go natural? This tree is stunning, even without lights and ornaments, and you can replant it after the holidays! Talk about environmentally friendly.

Herbs Galore

What’s better than the scent of the season? Fresh evergreens and hot cocoa? The mouth-watering aroma that drifts from this herb wreath. And it’s edible! Need some rosemary for that chicken in the oven? Snap a sprig off of this festive wreath, and you’ll have a nice holiday dinner. Crafted with fresh rosemary, bay leaves and thyme, and accented with red chili peppers, this wreath screams holiday cheer in a fun and functional way.

Forget the Skirt

Why do we even use tree skirts? Do they have a purpose, other than serving as a chew toy for the dog? This year, a lot of people are forgetting the skirts, and using alternative containers to freshen up the bottom of the tree. If your tree is small enough, place it in a festive basket, burlap sack, rustic bucket or industrial barrel. For larger trees, you can use a wheel barrel or a wagon–portable trees!

Blooming Design

If the natural look is a little too bland for you, think about decorating your tree with other natural accents like flowers, pinecones, herbs and branches. The added texture looks amazing, and the blooms will add a hint of sweet scent to your evergreen tree. Plus, you can even spray your accents with a little glitter or frosting to give it that wintery look, or add a few Amaryllis blooms for a tropical holiday tree!

Southern Charm

Southern tradition is one of the best ways to celebrate any holiday. Don’t y’all agree? Shake up your holiday décor with this perfectly-sculpted magnolia leaf wreath that oozes southern charm, but with an interesting and modern twist. Artfully crafted with real leaves that are preserved, this wreath will last for years, serving as a simple and elegant décor element for any season. Another option is a mixed wreath with magnolia leaves and fresh evergreen sprigs, which screams holiday cheer. You can even go super-southern with a wreath made entirely from cotton twigs. Could your decor get more southern?

For the Birds

Give a gift to your favorite feathered friend this holiday season. This birdseed wreath is all natural and will give the birds a little snack before they make their long journey south for the winter. Complete with a precious twine bow, this organic wreath is perfect for any space, and can be decorated for any season. You’ll love it, and so will the birds!

Two By Two

2015 is all about nature when it comes to decor. Using live trees and plants, and other natural accents is the perfect way to bring nature into your home, but there’s more! Try decorating with tiny animals! No, not real animals, but these little owls are too cute not to take center stage on your mantle. It’s the little things that count…and sometime the big things too. A 2 foot copper deer isn’t so tiny, so you know it will be the show stopper, and the metallic tones will add a little bling. who doesn’t want a pet Bambi?

Light it Up

The best time of the holidays is when the lights are turned low, and all through the house, there isn’t a sound, not even a mouse. Nothing makes use feel more cozy than soft lighting. Just think about the fire burning on a quiet night, and the Christmas tree lights blinking as you sip hot cocoa. Bring in some warmth and coziness with a few rustic mercury glass lanterns this year. And they’re so versatile, you can use them throughout the year for any occasion.