Gift Wrapping for Gardeners

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Posted on 11/09/2021

It’s all in the details! Wrapping presents can seem like just another chore during the holidays, but it can actually be fun! These ideas will really make your gifts stand out, putting an extra big smile on that special someone’s face.

Rope Recycled Rosemary Package

Rosemary symbolizes love and remembrance, and smells like Christmas. Tie a spring or two beneath the ribbon right before delivering your gifts. Your loved ones will love the fragrance!

Eucalyptus Leaves

Rosemary, Eucalyptus also has a fresh, minty scent. Let your friends and family smell how much you love them!

Silver Berry

An evergreen that will remind you and your loved ones of what Christmas is all about. Elaeagnus is an unexpected way to spruce up your wrapping skills.

Burlap Christmas Bow, And Ornaments With Pinecones

Paint a tiny pinecone white, or leave it in its natural state. You can tie it on with a ribbon, or use a hot glue gun. It’s a cute trendy way to add a personal and organic touch to your presents.


Exploding with Christmas cheer with bright green leave and red berries, this infamous kissing cue is a staple for the holidays. Wrap a gift with simple paper, add a couple of sprigs of holly with a safety pin and you’re done!


Cotton balls

Whether you live on a cotton farm or not, using a boll of cotton as a gift topper will give a touch of southern charm to your wrapping.