5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Posted on 11/09/2021

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1. Decorate a Small Tabletop Tree

Nothing says the holidays like a decked-out, fragrant live Christmas tree wrapped in lights and garland with cherished ornaments. But in a small-spaced apartment or home, a six-foot Douglas fir is overbearing. Instead of visiting the local tree farm and, Griswold-style, cutting down more than you can stuff in your living room, aim for something more appropriately sized for the space.

When Christmas decorating a small space, use a live tabletop Christmas tree. Jackson & Perkins offers a variety of tabletop Christmas trees that range from eight to 24 inches. Some trees even come with pre-attached lights and highly-sought-after hand-crafted ornaments and baubles you can use year after year. From Alberta Spruce to Leyland Cypress and Rosemary bushes, each live tree will lend a lovely scent throughout the home. Plus, instead of having to drag a tree full of dry needles out to the curb, you can simply plant the live tree at the end of the holiday season.

2. Repurpose Existing Decor

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Here’s a practical Christmas decorating idea for a small space! Instead of buying lots of new Christmas decorations, repurpose your existing decor and transform it into a Christmas-themed object. This brilliant idea not only eliminates the need to find somewhere to store holiday decor for the rest of the year, but also gives you something crafty to look forward to each year.

For instance, instead of purchasing a Christmas-themed vase or frames to rotate out, just give the object or the area some festive touches. Fill the vase with a joyful red and green bouquet or wrap it in a snowy white velvet ribbon. Weave a garland between the photo collection, light some candles and fill in the gaps with holiday cards you’ll soon receive. It’s as simple as that!

3. Utilize Window Sills

Transform your window sills with festive holiday decor! You can dress up your sills with decorations such as string lights, baubles and holiday plants like amaryllis.

It’s a lovely way to create an instantly festive look in the space where you plan to entertain or relax, whether it’s a studio apartment or a compact living room. Not only can your window decorations serve as indoor decor, but you can also display your festive spirit to the outside of your home! Holiday guests will love seeing your windows filled with cozy and welcoming decorations as they walk up to the door.

4. Create a Mantel and Faux Fireplace

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If you live in a small space, there’s a good chance you lack a chimney or fireplace from which you can hang stockings with care. But you can create a mantel! Hang a floating photo mantel on a wall or decorate a birch branch, using hooks to hang the stockings. Drape some twinkling LED fairy lights around the area for an extra festive holiday touch, along with some jingle bells and fresh pine sprigs. Add a mantel above the TV and stream a virtual fireplace with crackling logs or winter scenes of falling snow to get you in the cozy holiday spirit.

5. Layer with String Lights and Candles

Speaking of fairy lights, lighting, in general, goes a long way to create a festively decorated space. While battery- and remote-operated fairy lights are suitable for narrow or hard to reach areas, classic string lights can hang from just about anywhere else. Drape a swag of string lights across the front window, hanging them from the curtain rod and tucking the wire behind the window treatments. Another decorating idea is to hang a long branch above a dining table and wrap fairy lights around, along with a pom pom garland or dangling paper snowflakes.

At the very least, add an assortment of candles. Choose a selection in various sizes and heights to create more visual interest and dimension to the small space. And aim for holiday-themed scents like gingerbread, cranberry, peppermint and Frasier fir. Staggering candles to a dining table or coffee table can create an elegant and joyous Christmas mood.

Use What You Have

When Christmas-decorating for a small space, the main idea is to be thankful for what you have and cherish the loved ones around you. Proudly display the vintage ornaments handed down from grandparents. Dress up a corner of the space with carefully chosen and wrapped gifts in pretty papers and ribbons. Use nature around you, decorating your everyday house plants with festive finishings. Remember the meaning and spirit of the season.