10 Gardening Gifts for Small Spaces

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Posted on 11/08/2021

We all have that one friend who lives in the city and refuses to move into a bigger apartment, despite the piles of stuff lining the walls. So, what do you get that person who’s tight on space? The gift can’t be large, but it needs to be functional. Well, here are some great options for that stubborn friend of yours!

  1. Click & Grow Smart Garden
  2. Jade Bonsai
  3. Kalanchoe in Reclaimed Wood
  4. Square Mix Succulent Garden
  5. Wonderful Rosemary
  6. Modern Sprout Smart Hydroplanter
  7. Moss Wall Art
  8. Aloe Vera in Reclaimed Wood
  9. Modern Sprout Garden Jars
  10. Growin Bags 10 Hole