11 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Significant Other’s Parents

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Posted on 11/09/2021

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Anytime you need a gift for your significant other’s parents, the stress level rises. Of course, you want the gift to be perfect. You want them to be impressed with you, the gift and everything you bring to the relationship with their son or daughter. Let’s be honest—this can be difficult, especially if this is the first time you’re meeting them. Don’t worry! We have a few suggestions to help you pick the perfect gift that’s based on their interests and matches their décor.

First, don’t limit your gift to purchases from the store. Something you made yourself can be a very meaningful gift to receive. If you have a talent for DIY projects, showcase it with your gift. Whether you choose a plant gift or a DIY gift, try to personalize it as much as possible. These 11 ideas will help you get started on finding the perfect gift.

1. Home-baked treats. If you are a baker (or just an enthusiast), a batch of fresh-baked cookies or a warm apple pie can be a great gift. Pair your cookies or brownies with an attractive tin they can keep and remember you by. A loaf of artisan bread fresh from the oven is sure to impress. A selection of delicious sweet cinnamon bread loaves to enjoy the next day at breakfast is another option. Add a personal touch by presenting your bread on a serving dish or in a rustic basket.

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2. A bouquet of flowers. Cut flowers are always a great gift. If your partner can give you a hint of his or her mother’s favorite flowers or her favorite color, this is a gift that is sure to please. Of course, roses will always be appreciated, but consider breaking out of the mold with hydrangeas, daisies or, depending on the season, fragrant peonies.

3. Coasters. Coasters make a great gift because they’re also functional. You can never have too many coasters to protect your tabletops! If your significant other’s parents love to host and have people over, this is a great gift that is oftentimes overlooked. Additionally, if you want to make this gift more personal, you can purchase engraved or customized coasters with the family’s initials.

4. Cheese selection. Bring a gift of artisan cheeses for a gift that will be especially appreciated during the holidays when there is lots of entertaining anticipated. Many cheesemakers have limited runs of specialty cheeses that are only made and sold for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

5. Living plant. If your partner’s parents are gardeners, they may really appreciate a living plant that they can enjoy for years. There are many choices including Bonsai, succulents and holiday-themed pines or amaryllis.

6. Personalized cutting board or serving tray. Another great gift if your partner’s family entertains frequently, a personalized cutting board or serving tray is definitely a great present. Not only is it useful, but this gift is also a beautiful choice.

7. Homemade candy. Candy making is a real art, so if you are a candy maker, show off your skill. If you are like most of us, find a great candy store that makes their own candy. The chocolates and caramels will be a perfect gift.

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8. A selection of coffees. Coffee lovers will always appreciate a gift of coffee. Purchase some high-end coffees or specialty flavored coffee for them to enjoy. If they don’t already have one, include a French press for them to brew their coffee.

9. Cut arrangements. A cut arrangement can be all cut plant material or a combination of potted plants and cut plants. These are available year-round but especially during the main holiday seasons. Think about potted tulips with pussy willow branches or amaryllis surrounded with evergreen branches.

10. Digital photo frame. A digital photo frame is a great gift made even more special if you load it with pictures of a family event or views of places that are important to your partner’s parents. This gift will be so meaningful if you personalize it just for them.

11. Hobbies. Gift your partner’s parents with something that they can use for their hobby. If mom is a gardener, a new pair of garden gloves and new shears would always be appreciated. If dad is known for his skill with the grill, gift a set of kabob baskets or quesadilla makers.

Any of these gifts will make a good first impression or reinforce your partner’s great choice in you. Don’t forget to offer to bring a dish if you are invited for a meal. If you don’t cook, offer to bring a veggie or fruit tray that you can purchase at the food market. They may decline, but they will be pleased that you made the offer.