Acer (Japanese Maple Tree)

Unsurpassed Foliage Beauty

Japanese maple trees come in many varieties with the main difference being your preference of size and color. The Japanese maples for sale range in size from full-grown trees to a small size appropriate for growing in a container or pot. In fact, some acers are used by bonsai specialists.

The beauty of the Japanese maple is in the leaf structure and color. Japanese maple trees have leaves that range in color from a deep burgundy to a yellow green, depending on the variety of plant you choose. Many also put on their most spectacular show in the fall when the leaves turn color. Japanese maples are renowned for the brilliant oranges, reds or yellows of the leaves, also depending on which variety you choose. The leaves are also very deeply cut, adding to the foliage interest. Choose the Japanese maple tree that has the color you want in both the summer and the fall.

Most Japanese maple trees are recognized for their weeping branch structure; however, there are upright varieties as well. These often have great branch color to give winter interest, as the reddish color shows against the snow or grass.

Whichever Japanese maple varieties you choose, they make beautiful stand-alone specimen plants or as part of a landscape design. Remember, if you live in colder zone climates, be sure to give your Japanese maple a sheltered spot in your garden to protect it from the weather.