2-Quart Roses

Easy to grow potted roses

Jackson & Perkins offers potted roses in 2-quart and 1-gallon containers. Already growing in pots, these plants are well-rooted and fully leafed out when you receive them. 2-quart roses are own root plants grown from liners. 1-gallon roses are started as grafted, field-grown plants and then moved to pots. Since 1-gallon plants are field grown in the first months of their lives, they are older and larger than the 2-quart plants and require a bigger pot. Potted roses experience less transplant stress and have a longer planting window than bare root roses. They can also be planted throughout the growing season, except in the hottest summer months.

2-quart roses are available in the fall, with some varieties also available in the spring. 1-gallon roses are only available in the fall. But you can order your container roses anytime during the current season, and they will be shipped to you at the right time for planting in your growing zone.