Understanding Rose Classifications

Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Rose Classifications

Hybrid Teas & Grandifloras

  • Up to 5' tall
  • The most popular variety of roses
  • The Hybrid Tea rose has long stems, with classically formed blooms; florist shop roses
  • The Grandiflora roses have shorter stems with clusters of hybrid-tea shaped blooms

Floribunda Rose Classification


  • 2' to 4' tall
  • The Floribunda rose is named for its production of large clusters of blooms on each branch
  • Easy to grow; provides continuous clusters of flowers on short stems
  • Great landscape rose - compact uniform plant habit and lots of floral color ideal for perennial beds and borders

Shrub Rose Classification

Shrub Roses

  • 2' to 5' tall
  • Shrub roses bloom repeatedly and heavily throughout the season
  • Super rugged, they tolerate colder climates well
  • Will produce more hips than other types of roses
  • Ideal for carefree borders and summer-long color

Climbing Rose Classification

Climbing Roses

  • Height varies, with some reaching 20' tall
  • Climbing roses can be trained to climb along a wall, a trellis, or arbor
  • Bloom very vigorously - some bloom on second year growth so do not prune after the first season
  • Many newer varieties have larger blooms and fragrance

Tree Rose Classification

Tree Roses

  • 24" and 36"
  • The most popular variety of roses
  • Hybrid Tea, Floribunda or groundcover roses grafted onto a tree rose stalk
  • Tree roses are excellent along walkways or entryways; can be planted in containers for patios
  • Ideal for adding height and color to garden borders or beds

Simplicity® Rose Classification

Simplicity® Hedge Roses

  • 5' to 6' tall
  • Simplicity® Rose Hedges are used to create borders, garden rooms, privacy screens, or to hide unwanted views
  • Self-cleaning and blooms continuously throughout summer
  • By far the most popular, functional, and carefree roses available for planting

Groundcover Rose Classification

Groundcover Roses

  • 1' to 3' tall &l; 3' to 5' wide
  • Petite bloom on quick spreading plant
  • Ideal for hard to cover areas such as slopes and rocky areas
  • Groundcover roses are hardy and low maintenance
  • Great planted in baskets for trailing color on porch or deck

Miniature Rose Classification

Miniature Roses

  • 1' to 3' tall
  • Petite blooms on compact bush with dense foliage
  • Perfect for tucking into rock gardens, edging a path or border, around taller roses or for elegant container gardening
  • Miniature roses are versatile, hardy and prolific
  • Maintenance-free nonstop summer-long color

ROSE FUN FACT: Roses are often more fragrant in a warm, humid atmosphere, and during the brief time before a summer storm. Drought, extreme heat, or very cold days diminish the fragrance of roses.