Azalea Flowers and Rhododendron Bushes

Vibrant spring-blooming bushes now for any garden, North or South

The azalea plant and rhododendron bush have always been known as Southern plants. They were not able to tolerate the cold winters of the North. That has changed, and now, there are varieties that can be successfully grown in the North—including some as far north as Zone 3. Azalea plants are usually smaller than rhododendron bushes, and the rhododendron leaves are larger than the azalea plant's. Both have magnificent blooms that are so welcome and impressive in the spring garden. The azalea flower comes in white, pink, red or orange. The rhododendron flower comes in white, pink, purple and orange.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we offer the native azalea and rhododendron plants, as well as the hybrids. The rhododendron and azalea flowers have a light scent, and the flowers are attractive to all of your favorite garden pollinators including bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. These plants vary in size, with some growing 10 feet tall and others staying just under three feet. In other words, there is an azalea plant or rhododendron bush in the perfect size for any garden. Use your azalea plants or rhododendron bushes as a hedge or as a specimen plant. For maximum impact, a mass planting would be breathtaking in the spring. These plants do well as an understory plant as they can tolerate some shade in a wooded area. Some also do well in swampy areas.

If you have a favorite spot in your garden you’re looking to fill, shop Jackson & Perkins for azaleas and rhododendrons and enjoy gorgeous color to start your season.