Home Decor Plants

Add real plants and organic style to your home décor

Vibrant green plants cascading from unique indoor pots, the vitality of blooming flowers on the windowsill, and a countertop indoor herb garden will accentuate your home’s natural ambience. Your love of nature will be on display indoors, year-round with Jackson & Perkins’ unique selection of curated home décor items that are ideal for you and for gift giving too. Indoor plants as home décor, whether hanging on the wall, suspended from a plant hanging hook, or on the coffee table, are beneficial, gorgeous, and can last for years. Brightly colored flowers in organically styled containers are a delight anytime, and especially in colder months, with their cheerful blooms. An all-in-one indoor growing kit, garden jars, bonsai trees, and flowering kits engage and delight as you watch your living home décor and plants thrive.