Growing a Resilient Garden: How to Deter Deer and Rabbits

Tips for Interplanting to Keep Deer and Rabbits Away from Your Garden Plants

Gardening enthusiasts know that the sight of a beautifully curated garden can be both uplifting and calming. However, the presence of common garden pests like rabbits and deer can quickly turn this tranquil haven into a battleground. Fear not, for in this article, we will explore a range of organic and sustainable methods to keep these pesky creatures at bay. Discover the power of interplanting, and gain insights into how you can foster a harmonious ecosystem within your garden.


Interplanting Creates a Natural Barrier

Interplanting, or companion planting, is a time-honored gardening technique that involves strategically placing plants that naturally deter pests near your vulnerable crops. By doing so, you create a biological barrier that not only repels rabbits and deer but also fosters a healthier and more diverse garden ecosystem.

Plants that Repel Rabbits and Deer

  • Lavender: Known for its aromatic fragrance, lavender is a beautiful addition to any garden. Its strong scent repels rabbits and deer effectively.
  • Rosemary: This fragrant herb not only adds flavor to your culinary creations but also deters pests due to its strong aroma.
  • Marigold: With their vibrant blooms, marigolds are excellent for repelling both rabbits and deer. Their bright colors also add visual interest to your garden.
  • Russian Sage: This drought-tolerant perennial boasts silver-gray foliage and an alluring scent that discourages unwanted visitors.
  • Alliums: Plants like onions, garlic, and chives fall under the allium category and have a pungent aroma that helps keep rabbits and deer at bay.

The Art of Diversity

Creating a diverse garden not only enhances its visual appeal but also confuses pests. Rabbits and deer tend to target their favorite plants consistently. By incorporating a variety of plants, you reduce the chances of them finding a favorite meal.


Different Types of Physical Barriers

Fencing: One of the most effective methods to prevent rabbits and deer from entering your garden is to install fencing. Opt for a tall fence with small openings to ensure these creatures cannot squeeze through.

Netting: For delicate or young plants, consider using netting to provide a protective barrier. Be sure the netting is high enough to prevent deer from reaching over it.

Organic Tips to Deter Pests

Predator Urine: Yes, really! You can purchase predator urine from garden stores. The scent of a potential predator can be enough to discourage rabbits and deer from approaching.

Soap and Human Hair: Hanging soap or placing human hair around your garden can confuse the pests due to unfamiliar scents.

Homemade Sprays: Create organic sprays using ingredients like garlic, onion, cayenne pepper, and water. These potent mixtures can be sprayed on plants to deter pests.

Regular Maintenance

Keep your garden clean and free from debris, as these can provide hiding spots for rabbits and deer. Additionally, trimming lower branches on shrubs and trees can reduce access points for these animals.

By using the right techniques, you can create a harmonious garden space that thrives despite the challenges posed by rabbits and deer. Try these tips to protect your plants. Let us know what works best for you by sharing your tips and photos with us on social media. Just @jacksonandperkins or #jacksonandperkins to share your success and expertise.