Flowering Trees for Sale

Show-stopping flowers with a scent to match

There are many areas in your garden’s landscape that can benefit from the beauty of a flowering tree. Flowering trees can be great specimen trees, too. They are especially beautiful near the entrance to your home or near the patio where they can be enjoyed both for their beauty and the scent.

When selecting a tree, the first consideration is what hardiness zone you live in. A tree is an investment of years. Choose a tree that can not only survive in your grow zone, but thrive in it. Once you have determined what grow zone you are in, choose a tree that will be the size at maturity that you want for the space you have. If you live in a southern climate, zones 6-9, a crape myrtle could be a good choice. This shrub can grow from 20-30 feet tall. It has beautiful red flowers in the spring and repeats in the fall. The leaves are red also in the spring, turning green when the heat of summer arrives, and turning again in the fall, this time a brilliant orange. The redbud tree is another good choice for the southern gardener with its maroon color and weeping habit. If you live a little further north, consider the white flowers of the “Spring Snow” crabapple, which is hardy to hardiness zones 4-7. The white flowers that cover this tree are spring flowering, and they continue to flower into the summer. Make sure you have the room for it though because this tree grows to a mature height of 20-25 feet tall.

At Jackson & Perkins, we have several flowering trees for sale that will fit your hardiness zone and your landscape.

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