Jackson & Perkins® Dynamite™ Select Rose Fertilizer

With an NPK ratio of 14-5-10, it keeps roses growing and blooming!

All the nutrients your roses need for vigorous growth and spectacular blooms!

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2 lbs.
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Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Best of the Best
Onyx from FL wrote (May 30, 2017):
My climbing roses look so healthy, more new grows and flowers! I feed them every two months.
Looking Good So Far
Mike from TX wrote (May 22, 2017):
Used this on my existing roses, and the results are pretty good. The older roses have shown quite a bit of new growth. Younger, established plants are showing some growth. All is green and multiple blooms on most plants. Will buy again.
D. Solis from OH wrote (June 13, 2016):
This is my first year using this fertilizer and the results are amazing. Healthy rose bushes, plenty of big and vigorous growth. I have gotten compliments from my neighbors and roses are of competition quality. I have had my 14 roses bushes for 7 years and they have never looked like this before. Next year, I will make sure to buy more.
GREAT rose food!
Shermie Schafer from IN wrote (April 28, 2015):
Have used Dynamite for the last 4 years, and wouldn't bother with anything else. Sometimes I've had 35 blooms at a time, this from 8 bushes! Is DYNAMITE still good if kept in the garage over winter? If so, I'll order 3 of them! Have tried bare root plants, with little success.
Best spring roses ever...
Jane Mathewson from CA wrote (April 28, 2014):
And even here in The SF Bay Area, with our long growing season,their horticulturist tells me I need only one spring application. I'm beyond pleased. No bugs, no mildew or black spot and more buds and blossoms than I can count.
Like their products
from wrote (March 11, 2013):
I like their roses and rose fertilizer.
Makes Roses Beautiful, But Could Use Some Improvement
Laura C, Hondo from TX wrote (March 01, 2013):
This fertilizer definitely makes roses beautiful and their blooms bigger and more frequent BUT this fertilizer DOESN'T last all season. At least not in Texas. I have to buy extra because it only lasts about 4-6 months. Now, this may be a typical growing season for some but certainly not for us. I have to apply it about twice a year if not three.
Curious gardner from NC wrote (May 15, 2012):
Do not think twice. This is The BEST fertilizer you can ever buy. I have used these for the last 5 years and cannot believe the outcome!! Beautiful, big and healthy Roses all year through. Do not buy local brands. Every penny you spend on Dynamite is worth the while. And if you can, please buy ONLY J & P Roses. They have the best blooms and vigor. Other brands use the same names. But, the plants and their blooms are very different. I wish J & P could sell some more Disease Resistant Roses and also Double knockouts for all of us to buy!! J & P, are you listening?? You guys are THE BEST!! Please bring some more selection of DResistant Roses... to last for a long time, without too much to worry about caring for them!!
Works great!
Nicole from OR wrote (April 23, 2012):
I have about 60 + rose bushes which means that it is quite a process to feed all of them especially multiple times during the growing season. J & P used to sell a rose food called "Once" which I loved. "Dynamite" works wonderfully too. I use it once at the beginning of the season, and it seems to do just great ALL season long making my roses very happy!
Roses and Hydrangas and Lilacs
Donna L Knuppenburg from MI wrote (March 06, 2012):
I have alot of Roses Mostly tea roses 76 of them right now. And am branching out into Hydrangas now. Plus I also have 5 or 6 Lilac bushes. and irises I am a flower lover in case you didnt guess. LOL.Guess I have room for them all. Because I have almost 4 acres of yard. LOL And they all look so nice in the summer when they start to bloom. Mostly I prefer my roses though I show them at the fairs. and win alot of ribbons and money also. enough to go buy 2 or 3 more roses. LOL. Of course my Roses are mostly Jackson Perkins. Some odd fellows in there too. but with loving care I cant tell the difference between them. Keep up the good work guys and I will be ordering more probably sometime in April. or the last of this month. It is the only kind of Roses I order. Donna Knuppenburg