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A cheerful gift plant with a sunny disposition and care-free attitude

The golden barrel cactus, also known as the golden ball cactus, is one of the most popular of all cactus species grown in cultivation today. A striking architectural accent plant, it is admired for its rotund shape and well-defined vertical ribs dense with long, recurved golden-yellow spines. The golden barrel cactus also blooms in heavy-petaled, funnel-shaped yellow flowers, which emerge from the fuzzy, wool-like growth on the top of the stem. The flowers typically appear in a circular ring and bloom over a long period of time.

Barrel cacti are indigenous to the American deserts of the Southwest. These desert plants are found in very dry arid conditions in their native habitat and live up to 150 years. They have become popular houseplants because they thrive in the low humidity levels and warm temperatures typically found in most homes. But these plants are forgiving if growing conditions are less than ideal, tolerating neglect in a wide range of conditions.

Grown in a durable, 5-inch, classic terracotta clay pot, which will age beautifully, this barrel cactus creates a timeless botanical display that you or your giftee will love for years and years to come.

Container: 5" Diameter


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Cactus, Succulent & Terrarium Care Guide


Open your gift and unwrap the container, then carefully follow the instructions below to grow and enjoy a healthy plant.


Display succulents and terrariums where they will receive some direct morning sunlight and some filtered, indirect sunlight for a total of 6 to 8 hours of light per day. In the harsher afternoon hours, they may benefit from partial shade. Spring through fall, growing season, succulents should be placed in an area with good air circulation and a minimum temperature of 50°F at night. During winter months, when succulents go dormant, temperatures of 50° to 55°F are required. Do not expose plants to freezing temps.


During the growing season, spring to fall, allow soil to become moderately dry before watering, typically when the top 1/2 inch of the soil is dry to the touch, about once every week or two. During winter, water once every four weeks or less, always letting soil dry out between waterings. Do not overwater. Succulents need good drainage and will not grow or thrive with soggy roots.

Mixed Cactus Garden

Apply complete liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength dilution every 2 weeks throughout the growing period, typically mid-spring to early fall.

Jackson & Perkins offers a selection of fertilizer & plant care products. We suggest using AlgoPlus fertilizer for the general health and maintenance of your plant.


Succulents are not commonly attacked by insects, but occasionally check the new growth, especially the underside of leaves, for signs of aphids or mealy bugs. If any pests are present, remove them by hand or gently wash the leaves with water. Do not use an insecticidal soap as it may damage the foliage.


When your plant has outgrown its current pot, transplant in early spring, if possible. With each repotting, increase the pot 2 to 3 inches in depth and diameter. Terra cotta and unglazed ceramic pots are best for succulents. They must have drainage holes and be well-draining. Fill the pot with fresh succulent or cactus soil mix, center the root ball from the old pot, and place soil around it to about 1 inch below the lip of the new planter. Make sure the top of the root ball is even with the top of the soil.

IMPORTANT: Ornamental plant material should not be eaten. Keep away from pets and children.

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