Cactus, Succulent & Terrarium Gifts

Low Maintenance & Vigorous - A Wonderful Gift Idea

Succulent plant gifts are an excellent present idea for those without a green thumb. Succulents are very hardy, so they can go for a while without watering and can also withstand temperature swings. Terrarium gifts are a great choice for the recipient who forgets to water their plants sometimes or lives in a very hot climate. They are also a good idea for beginners looking to build their plant care skills with an easy houseplant.

Jackson & Perkins sells many different succulent gifts in decorative, durable planters. Whether you want a ceramic planter that looks like a llama or a heart-shaped box made of reclaimed wood, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of succulent plant gifts, including terrarium kits. We also sell other gifts of plant varieties that are easy to take care of, such as snake plants and air plants.

Browse our gifts by price, size, plant variety and more to find the perfect succulents to send to a friend or loved one. Whatever your budget or your recipient’s plant skills, you’ll find the perfect succulent gift for them at Jackson & Perkins. Nothing will cheer them up like a hanging terrarium or a cute planter.

At Jackson & Perkins, we carefully package all of our live plants to ensure that they ship securely and remain intact. In fact, we’re so confident in our products that we offer a live plant guarantee: If your succulent plant gift arrives damaged, we’ll replace it free of charge or provide the cost of the product as credit towards a future purchase.