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If you’ve traveled to the South, you might have seen gorgeous chains of wisteria hanging from old arbors. And there’s a reason for that! If you would like to grow a dependable flowering vine over your pergola or arbor, buy wisteria. These plants have huge flower heads that can be 12 inches long, depending on the variety you choose. The flowers grow on racemes that bloom late spring and early summer. The vines will be covered with these pendulous blooms that will hang from the structure they grow on. Depending on the variety you have chosen, the flowers will be a beautiful lilac blue or a purple wisteria.

For a long time, there were no wisteria plants for sale in the North, as Wisteria was considered a Southern vine only. Today, you can buy wisteria even in the North, as there are varieties hardy down to zone 3 with temperatures as low as -40. Not only will it survive, but it will still bloom. Wisteria blooms in the spring, then with another bloom in summer and even a third bloom is possible, depending on your wisteria. In other words, you will be enjoying blooms all season long.

Wisteria is a quick-growing substantial vine that will reach 25 feet long. The flowers are not only beautiful but highly scented, providing a stunning display for all the senses throughout the season. Wisteria can grow for years upon years, so you’re sure to enjoy this incredible vine for decades to come.

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