Tips: Weeding Your Garden

It's back breaking work most often done at the hottest time of day. Or at least, that's how it feels! But weeding shouldn't be the chore we all hate. It can be easier with the right planning and tools. With summer in full force, it's probably a good time to invest in some serious weeding.

Weeding Your Garden

Wet Soil Works Best

Hard, compact soil holds onto weed roots and makes weeding an uphill battle. Plan your weeding for after a rainfall or, if none are in sight, after the garden has been watered. The moist soil will more readily "give up" the weed roots.

Get Low

Pulling a weed and not getting the root means you've just kicked the can down the road. Using tools like a hoe can help get under the root and ensure your weeding sticks. We recommend hoes that can be used while standing up as well as handheld ones for more delicate garden beds.

Fill In

Depending on how much weeding you do, there may be some barespots left behind. Don't let new weeds fill in that space! Consider using mulch (or if in the general yard grass seeds) to help prevent fill-in weeds from taking hold.

Weeding Your Garden