Irrigate efficiently and economically

Watering is essential to keeping your plants alive—too much or not enough and they’ll die. Watering can also be very time-consuming and expensive, and quickly cause your utility bill to rise, especially if you live in a drought-prone area. Garden hose accessories from a retailer such as Jackson & Perkins can make it easier and more efficient to get your plants the hydration that they need without wasting time or water.

Garden hose attachments like our Dramm water time will automate the watering process completely, while a rain wand attachment makes it easier to water by hand. If you are watering young plants, then you might like the Dramm water hose, which uses 90 percent less water than conventional hoses—yes, you read that right! We also sell plenty of other water hose accessories, including rain gauges, water savers and TreeDiapers.

At Jackson & Perkins, we guarantee all of our products, including our garden hose accessories. When you order from us, you’re getting a high-quality product that looks exactly as described. We ship properly and promptly to ensure the safe arrival of all our products, both living plants and garden tools.

If you’re wasting hours each week watering your plants, or your utility bill is steadily rising, then it’s time to look into investing in some garden hose attachments and accessories. Shop Jackson & Perkins today to find the perfect water hose accessories for your needs and your garden will be flourishing in no time.