Climbing Flowers & Vines

Make the garden soar

When thinking about flowers, we automatically think of the flower beds. Whether you have a perennial bed, or a bed filled with annuals, don’t neglect the climbing flowering vines. A mature climbing vine can make a stunning difference in your garden and be the feature every visitor wishes they had.

Climbing vines need a structure to grow on, and whether it is growing on an arbor, over a pergola or along a fence, your climbing flowering vine will be a beautiful asset in the garden. Think of the entrance to your yard or garden with an arbor covered with blooming roses. The beauty of the roses, as well as the scent, will make you want to see more, as this garden is special. Entertaining guests under a pergola that is covered with the lavender flowers of hundreds of wisteria blooms will make your party the one people will remember for a long time. A beautiful clematis growing on the fence or on a trellis is stunning. You can also use climbing vines to hide an unsightly part of your backyard or to add privacy from a nosy neighbor. All of these climbing flowering vines need full sun to thrive, but if you have less sun, you can still have climbing flowers. Grow vining hydrangeas in a partly sunny spot. This plant will thrive on an east or even north wall.

Jackson & Perkins carries a wide selection of climbing flowering vines for all conditions and locations. The difficulty will be trying to choose a favorite from this magnificent collection of climbing vines.