Lilac Bushes

Fragrant flowers fill your garden every spring

Lilac bushes have been available for many years. In fact, there are lilac bushes that are over 100 years old throughout the United States. Blooming lilac flowers are a true sign of spring for northern gardeners with the beautiful lavender or purple blooms and the spectacular fragrance.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we want to continue the tradition and then some with some new cultivars of this old-time favorite. We have several lilacs plants available and one of the most unusual is the yellow lilac Primrose. This special lilac bush looks like a lilac and smells like one, too, but the lilac flowers are bright yellow and white. If you aren’t ready to stray that far from tradition, how about a deep purple of “Bloomerang” or “Ludwig Spaeth”?

Most lilacs bloom in late spring and early summer, but here at Jackson & Perkins, we are able to offer a repeat bloomer called Josee. This lilac bush will bloom in spring, and if you deadhead the spent blooms, it will signal this lilac that it should produce more flowers. It is possible to have lilac flowers all the way to fall. Josee has another advantage, and that is it can be grown in the southern garden. Josee will do well and bloom as far south as zone 8. While most lilac plants can’t tolerate the summer heat and humidity of the south, Josee does just fine. This dwarf lilac bush will grow to five feet only and will do well in a container if you prefer.