Roses for Beginners

New to gardening? No problem!

No gardener should have to go without enjoying the beauty of roses in their yard, but many gardeners, both beginners and experts, believe roses are difficult to grow. We’re here to tell you — that simply isn’t true. For many years now, rose breeders have been hybridizing disease-resistant varieties that require less care. The result has been variety after variety of rose that is perfect for any level of gardener.

In general, we find that the floribunda and shrub roses are easier to grow than hybrid teas and grandifloras. But, today, every class of roses offers easy-to-grow roses for beginners, and the roses assembled in this collection are the most effortless we offer. To help ensure your success, be sure to choose roses that are recommended for your growing zone and watch our instructional videos on how to plant and care for your roses.

Most fear of growing roses tends to be around disease. After disease, the second most mentioned problem that prevents some people from growing roses is their fear of pruning. In both cases, we encourage you to remember that this is a living plant, and it will grow back. Don’t let fear stop you from growing beautiful roses for beginners. Keeping roses healthy with regular maintenance and pruning is simple if you follow a couple of rules for the best results. Here at Jackson & Perkins, we offer clear instructions on how to care for and prune your roses. It is very straightforward and not difficult at all.

You’ll find great rose choices for beginner rosarians in every color — from pure white to sunny yellow, as well as pinks and reds. Let this be the year you take the step toward growing the most beautiful flowers by adding easy to grow roses for beginners to your garden.