Rose Gloves & Tools

The right tools = gardening success … and more fun

The right tool for the job always makes gardening projects go more smoothly. And when projects go smoothly, gardening is more fun. So, in this section, Jackson & Perkins has collected all the items you need to make your gardening projects easier and your time in the garden more pleasurable. Whether you need to test soil, prune limbs, deadhead blooms, rake leaves, organize your tools or protect your hands and arms, we’ve got you covered.

This is especially true if you are growing roses. Tools for rose gardening are going to make a real difference. You can try to work with your roses in regular cotton or even reinforced gloves, but when it is time to prune a number of rose bushes, leather rose gardening gloves that reach up your arm to protect from thorns are invaluable. A tough job becomes much less painful and more quickly finished. And while we are talking about pruning, good strong rose pruning shears are a must-have. With each passing year, the canes of your rose bush become stronger and larger, so a good pair of rose pruning shears becomes a necessity.

Don’t forget the fertilizer! Special rose fertilizer will strengthen your plants and keep flower production high. Roses are heavy feeders and we expect a lot of flowers from them so adequate fertilizer is very important.

Purchase these tools for yourself or add them to your wish list for birthdays or Christmas. Just remember that Jackson & Perkins is the expert on roses and has the tools for rose gardening that you need.