Rose Frequently Asked Questions

When should I mulch my roses for the winter?

Because winter mulch prevents plant rootballs from heaving out of the ground during periods of freeze and thaw, it doesn’t have to be applied until the ground actually freezes. Recycled evergreen boughs from Christmas garlands make a loose, lightweight mulch. Straw and shredded bark are other organic mulch materials that will eventually break down in the soil.

When should I prune my roses?

The best time to prune roses is in early spring just before new growth starts — sometime after the last killing frost.

Where can I plant roses?

Roses need 5 to 6 hours of full sun per day and space to grow. Please refer to our Rose Spacing Guide for information on each class of rose.

What is the best time of year to transplant roses?

The best time of the year to transplant is either in the fall, or in the early spring — when the roses are dormant and the ground is workable.

How do I know if roses will grow in my area?

Roses are extremely hardy plants and will grow in just about any area of the country. In the most northern areas, however, plants do require some winter protection.

Why are roses more fragrant at certain times?

Roses are often more fragrant in a warm, humid atmosphere, and during the brief time before a summer storm. Drought, extreme heat, or very cold days diminish the fragrance of roses.

Can I grow roses in containers?

Yes, roses can be grown in containers. Miniature roses and small floribundas are easiest, but even hybrid teas will do nicely in planter boxes.

How soon after planting will roses be in bloom?

Floribunda, hybrid tea and hedge roses will bloom in just 6 to 8 weeks after planting. Climbers will bloom a little during the first season, but are really at their best by the second year.

Where are roses commonly grown?

Most roses sold in the United States are grown in California and Arizona. Jackson & Perkins grows roses in California, Arizona, North Carolina, and Canada.

Should I use Chicken Soup for Roses or root stimulator for the first season of growth?

You can safely use either Chicken Soup for Roses (Milorganite, bone meal, cottonseed meal & alfalfa meal) or root stimulator on roses. We feel Chicken Soup for Roses would be superior though, because it would organically feed roses with more elements required for growth and blooming. It will keep your roses healthy and beautiful.