Red Amaryllis

If there is any flower that says Christmas, it has to be the Red Amaryllis. The color alone is enough, but the magnificent large red amaryllis flower is spectacular. Most plants will become wallflowers when competing with the Christmas tree and lights and decorations — but not the red amaryllis! This plant demands to be noticed! Even a single bulb will stand out and several planted together is stunning.

Today, you have two choices when you purchase an amaryllis: a potted bulb or a waxed bulb. The waxed bulb is virtually a no-care plant. The bulb contains all the nutrients and moisture that your amaryllis needs. No watering, no fertilizing, no care other than turning occasionally so the flower doesn’t lean toward sunshine. Potted amaryllis are actually planted and could potentially be saved to bloom again next year. Choose the pot that complements your Christmas décor and enjoy the single bulb or be wowed by the sight of multiple bulbs all blooming together. Amaryllis come in several colors, but the gorgeous Red Lion Amaryllis is definitely a must-have for Christmas this year.

The amaryllis is a great choice for your own home, but it also makes a great gift. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of a Red Lion Amaryllis without worrying whether you have enough of a green thumb to care for one. While amaryllis are one of the easiest plants to care for, we know some people prefer to have a guide to follow, so we have you covered. Check out our easy-to-use Amaryllis Care Guide today.