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Crocus 'Purple Fiction' Bulbs

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Large-flowered and Brilliantly Colored

Even a small planting colonizes into a great drift over time.

Pack of 20 Bulbs

Create a carpet of dazzling white and purple with Crocus 'Purple Fiction', a blend of three beautiful large-flowered Crocus varieties that blooms early, naturalizes easily, and looks terrific in the sunny garden or your very best patio containers. With our top-quality Dutch bulbs and a little soil and sun, you can have a groundcover that increases in size and beauty with each passing year.

Crocus 'Purple Fiction' offers three varieties of equal size and bloom period: a solid white, a solid violet, and a solid lavender. Together, they produce a look that is both regal and bright. And if you have some early-blooming daffodils, all the better: the colors in 'Purple Fiction' are just made for showing off the yellows and whites of towering narcissus.

Expect these bowl-shaped blooms to appear in earliest spring, even before the last snows have melted, on plants 4 inches high and 4 to 6 inches wide. Long, slender, grass-like bright green foliage flanks the blooms, which at 2 to 3 inches wide are quite large for crocus. Very long-lasting, they don't mind the freezing nights and icy winds of early spring, and they are generally untroubled by pests and diseases. Where they are content, they will even spread over time into larger and larger drifts of brilliant color.

Planting crocus is easy, and once they are in the ground, there is literally no other maintenance needed. Choose a site in well-drained soil receiving full sun or very light shade. Set the bulbs 3 inches deep. If you want a dense carpet of color the very first year, plant about 9 bulbs per square feet. For a larger planting that gradually fills in as the plants multiply, plant about 6 bulbs per square foot. In this mix, you get all 3 colors mixed in at random, for a natural look you'll love. So you just can't go wrong with 'Purple Fiction'.

Here at Jackson & Perkins, we offer Dutch-grown bulbs, shipping them fresh and ready to grow at planting time in autumn. You will be pleased with their size and their health. Pop them into the soil and get ready for a colorful carpet to welcome spring into your garden each year!


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Genus Crocus
Species tommasinianus
Variety 'Purple Fiction'
Item Form Pack of 20
Zone 4 - 7
Bloom Start To End Early Spring
Plant Height 4 in
Plant Width 4 in - 6 in
Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following:
Canada, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico

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