Preserved Rose Gifts

A Natural, Economical Alternative to Fresh Flowers and Botanicals

We love flowers . . . it’s what we do. So, we embrace any opportunity to incorporate them into everyday life. And although we adore garden-inspired giving with living plants and gifts, who can argue with the enduring appeal and zero maintenance of preserved or dried flowers and botanicals?

These 100% natural florals have undergone preservation or drying processes that stop aging and capture the plant’s natural beauty. Dried florals take on a cool, bohemian charm, reminiscent of their original appearance; but preserved plants retain their freshly cut good looks, appearing “alive” for up to a year or more.

Chic and artfully handcrafted, these distinctive decorative displays not only elevate your indoor spaces with low-maintenance beauty but also make long-lasting, uncomplicated gifts, suitable for today’s busy lifestyles—no watering, no mess, no fuss, no muss. Natural dried and preserved decorations and gifts are ready to use and allergy free, so anyone can enjoy them. They’re also available year-round. No seasonality issues here.

The preserved rose gifts speak the language of flowers especially well and deliver your message perfectly, whether for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, or even get wells. These beauties are a lovely way to say everything from Thank you to I love you . . . or even to ask Will you marry me?