Poinsettia Care Guide


Open your gift and unwrap the container, then carefully follow the instructions below to grow and enjoy a healthy plant.


Blooms will last 3 to 6 weeks in November and December.


Display poinsettia where it will receive 6 to 8 hours of bright diffused sunlight per day. It can survive with less light but will not live as long or be as abundant. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves and bracts. Avoid cold, drafty locations. Temperatures between 65° to 75°F are recommended.


Water well by soaking in a sink or tub. After watering, let sit for 15 minutes and then discard any excess water. Do not over water as it may wilt the leaves or kill the plant.

Classic Red Poinsettia

Do not fertilize during blooming period. Once the yellow buds in the center of the red bracts fall off, begin to feed the plant once a month with any water-soluble plant food, following the directions on the product label. New foliage should begin to appear about six weeks after blooming stops.

Jackson & Perkins offers a selection of fertilizer & plant care products. We suggest using AlgoPlus fertilizer for the general health and maintenance of your plant.

IMPORTANT: Ornamental plant material should not be eaten. Keep away from pets and children.