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Perennials for every season and every reason

Jackson & Perkins is famous for our exceptional roses, but we also offer a large variety of extraordinary perennials. Our selection has something for everyone. So, whether you’re looking for old-fashioned favorites or the new, novel, or up-and-coming, you’ll find them right here.

Considered the heart of the garden, perennials typically grow larger and more robust with each passing year. They are extremely versatile plants. There are perennials for every reason and every season, even winter. There are perennials for shady or sunny areas, for moist or dry soils, for hot or cold locations, and for humid or arid environments. Many perennials are problem solvers. They can stabilize areas of erosion, fill in barren soil where lawn grasses just won’t grow, and beautify wet pond perimeters or dry xeriscapes. And they diversify the vegetable garden, making it healthier and more robust, attracting the beneficial insects, butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds we all love, increasing yields. But many edible perennials, such as berries for sweet treats and mushrooms for culinary or medicinal purposes, are not only productive but also attractive enough for landscapes. With perennials, your garden will buzz with excitement and brim with bold blooms, heady perfumes, and exotic foliage.