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A symbol of peace, prosperity, and purity

The Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), true to its name, is considered a symbol of peace, prosperity, and purity, bringing a sense of tranquility to indoor spaces. It is often gifted as a symbol of hope, healing, and rebirth.

A peace lily makes a great gift because it's so beautiful and easy to grow. The white flowers appear in spring and last a couple of months. Under optimum conditions, plants may rebloom in the fall. A shade-loving tropical plant, it prefers bright filtered light but tolerates low to medium light as well as fluorescent lights in an office. It should never be placed in direct sunlight. Water weekly or when top 1" of soil is dry, allowing the soil to dry a bit between watering.

The benefits of the Peace Lily don't stop at beauty and low maintenance. Houseplants increase the quality of our lives and contribute to our overall well-being. Plants in the home help us breathe easier by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; by removing toxins to purify the air; and by increasing the humidity in the air, reducing dry skin, colds, sore throats, and coughs. There are even studies showing that houseplants reduce stress and sickness, boost creativity, and increase focus and productivity.

Container Height: 6"
Plant Height: 17-19"
Overall Gift Height: 18-20"


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Peace Lily Care Guide


Open your gift and unwrap the container, then carefully follow the instructions below to grow and enjoy a healthy plant.


Peace lilies can bloom twice a year, typically spring & fall, with blooms lasting months when given the proper care.


Display peace lily where it will receive indirect filtered light, not direct sunlight. If leaves get pale and begin to curl, it is a sign the plant is receiving too much direct light. Temperatures between 65° and 80°F (not staying below 55°F) are ideal. Keep away from cold drafts and frost.


Water only when the soil is dry, to a minimum of 1 inch below the surface, with filtered/unchlorinated water or water that has been allowed to sit for 24 hours. Be careful not to over water, but do not allow the soil to dry out completely. Peace lilies prefer humid environments and during the summer months like to be misted frequently with non-chlorinated or distilled water.

Peace Lily

Apply a complete liquid fertilizer weekly or bi-weekly during the growing season, typically March through September. Do not fertilize in winter months.

Jackson & Perkins offers a selection of fertilizer & plant care products. We suggest using AlgoPlus fertilizer for the general health and maintenance of your plant.


Wipe leaves with a damp rag to remove dust.


When your plant has outgrown its current pot, especially if roots are growing out of the drainage holes, transplant in early spring, if possible. With each repotting, increase the pot diameter 1 to 2 inches in size and use fresh, high-quality potting soil. Make sure your new pot has ample drainage holes so the soil can drain properly.

IMPORTANT: Ornamental plant material should not be eaten. Keep away from pets and children.

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