Paperwhites Care Guide


Carefully unpack, being especially careful around any brittle shoots rising above the soil line. Gently pull back the moss top-dressing and water thoroughly.

If you are unable to care for your pot of bulbs right away, it may be kept in a cool (not below freezing), dark location for a short period of time.


Flowering should begin in 4 to 6 weeks and last for about 2 weeks, with each stem producing 2 to 20 small white flowers. The plant will not rebloom; however, the foliage will remain fresh and attractive for a few more weeks.


Display paperwhites in a location with bright sunlight. Inadequate light will result in long, lanky stems and leaves that tend to fall over. Paperwhites grow slower and last longer when kept in locations no warmer than 65°F, away from direct heat sources. Turn container occasionally to keep stems growing straight. Support tall stems with a stake and tie loosely with twine or raffia.

Peaceful Paperwhites


Water regularly to keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Easy watering tip: place 1 to 3 small ice cubes on the soil for slow watering.


Paperwhites belong to a group of spring-flowering daffodils that are not winter hardy. The tender bulbs should never be stored at nor subjected to temperatures below 35°F. Treat paperwhites like annuals. Once the blooms and foliage fade, the plant should be discarded or composted.

IMPORTANT: Ornamental plant material should not be eaten. Keep away from pets and children.