Luster Leaf® Rapitest® Digital Soil Thermometer

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Takes the guesswork out of sowing and transplanting

Battery operated, it lasts for many years.

Determining soil temperature can be tricky. Long after the weather warms up in spring, the soil can still be very cold just an inch or two below the surface. If you are wondering when it's safe to transplant your seedlings and sow seeds of new crops, don't just rely on the frost dates (which are estimates based on many years of data, not the current weather). Instead, sink this soil thermometer into the garden, and one minute later you will have an accurate read of the precise underground temperature.

The Digital Soil Thermometer is so simple to use and well made, you will probably enjoy it for many, many years to come. Battery operated, it gives you the soil temperature in degrees Fahrenheit (no converting from Celsius). The results really do arrive in just 60 seconds. And the good folks who manufactured this thermometer, knowing it will be used by home gardeners, have included a crop temperture chart with 26 types of commonly-grown vegetables. Now you know exactly when to plant for harvesting the first tomato on the block.

Measuring 8¾ inches long, this thermometer is made of high quality stainless steel. It is easy to read, wipes clean, and is reasonably priced. What else can we ask for? We love (and depend upon) this thermometer here at Jackson & Perkins, not only in the spring but also in the fall, when light frosts occur and we need to determine how deep they have penetrated the garden soil. You will come to rely upon this handy tool too—and your garden will show the beautiful results.


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Height 8 in
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