Low Maintenance Gift Plants

Gift these varieties without fear of failure!

No green thumb? No problem. No time for extra chores on the to-do list? Not an issue. This selection of fuss-free houseplants allows you or your gift recipients to enjoy plants with little work and no worry.

With these low-maintenance living gifts, you no longer need worry whether your busy, jet-setting friends have the time to be proper plant parents. These varieties are not fussy and temperamental. They require little to no TLC and, in fact, may suffer more from too much attention rather than too little. All they ask is to be given adequate sunlight (for their variety), an occasional watering (for some, just a spritzing will do), and possibly a little sprucing up to continually look their best, year after year.

These plants not only come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any space or décor but also bestow all the many health benefits houseplants are becoming known for—improved health, mood, creativity, to name just a few—expecting so little in return. And some are simply living works of art, or at the very least, great conversation starters.

The plants in this group don’t just survive in adversity, they thrive, making perfect starter plants for the beginning gardener. So, don’t allow friends and family to forego the joy and benefits of living with plants. Freely gift these robust varieties without fear of failure.