Log Plugging Kit for Growing Mushrooms

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Grow Fresh Mushrooms Right in Your Yard

Just Plug, Wait and Cultivate

These mushrooms are certified organic, GLOBAL G.A.P, USDA Organic, Certified South Carolina, and Certified Appalachian Grown™ products.

Ready to get started growing gourmet wood-cultivated mushrooms year-round in your own backyard? The Log Plugging Kit gives you just what you need to inoculate logs or stumps in your own backyard with the mushroom spawn of your choice, beginning a garden of fine mushrooms that you and your family will enjoy for many seasons. This process is so simple—and you're going to love the delicious results.

The Log Plugging Kit contains a 5/16-inch drill bit that will fit any standard power drill, one pound of soy wax for securing the plugs into the log or stump, and a small paintbrush used to spread the wax perfectly around the plug.

Have your mushroom plugs ready (we offer Shiitake and Brown Oyster). Select one or more fresh-cut logs or stumps and place them in an area where they will receive weekly watering or will stay moist (but not soaking wet) at all times. (If you prefer a dryer location, make sure to give them a weekly watering.) When we say "fresh-cut," anything that has been cut within about 6 weeks will work. We recommend oak, maple, sweetgum, or poplar logs or stumps, though you may want to experiment with other types. Deciduous hardwoods are best; this method will NOT work with conifers.

Interestingly, the size of the log determines how long it will produce fresh mushrooms. The rule of thumb is that the number of productive years is equal to the number of inches in diameter of the log. That is, a 10-inch diameter log should produce for 10 years, a 4-inch-diameter for 4 years, etc.

Fit the 5/16-inch bit into your power drill and drill holes at least 5 to 6 inches apart into the logs or stumps. Then place the wooden mushroom plugs into the holes, "painting" them into place with the melted soy wax and small paintbrush. That's it—you're good to go.

If your log or stump is dry, you may want to give it a good soaking or watering-in after securing the mushroom plugs. Otherwise, just maintain as always, never letting it dry out. The mushroom spawn typically takes about 8 months to a year to become established within the logs. Once it does, it produces mushrooms year-round. You're going to love going out to the garden to collect not only flowers, herbs, and veggies, but also fresh mushrooms.


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