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Butterfly Attractors

Butterfly Attractors – Invite Butterflies to Your Garden Paradise

As creatures of beauty, butterflies are a welcomed addition to any garden paradise. The color of their wings can range from deep blue to vibrant yellow or from a delicate pink to burnt orange. No matter the hue, their wings are often adorned with intricate patterns resembling works of art.

As many gardeners know, butterflies are not only aesthetically pleasing and whimsical but also essential pollinators. By flitting from flower to flower, they help spread pollen and ensure the health and propagation of plants. This is essential to ensure healthy growth and the continuation of plant species. This is also beneficial for fruit and vegetable gardens, as butterflies help to pollinate these types of plants as well. So even if your garden leans more edible than ornamental, consider adding butterfly-attracting plants to your garden design.