Bonsai Trees

An ancient Japanese art form, still loved today

If you’re in need of a present idea, bonsai tree gifts are an excellent option for almost any occasion. At Jackson & Perkins, we sell several types of bonsai gifts, including a traditional tree made from juniper and a flowering gardenia bush. Each of our bonsai plants for sale comes in a high-quality, nice-looking ceramic pot, which elevates the presentation of your gift. Your recipient will be proud to display their new bonsai gift in their house or office.

Bonsai comes from a Japanese word that means “planted in a container.” Bonsai is an ancient art form almost 1,000 years old that originated in China. It involves using container gardening and other horticultural techniques to grow an artificially miniature plant. These bonsai trees are not genetically modified to remain small, but are rather cultivated that way with other gardening techniques. The ideal bonsai tree looks like a tiny representation of gigantic trees you would find out in nature.

Pruning the branches of your bonsai tree gift is key to maintaining its health. The small container size keeps the root growth limited, so the branches must be pruned regularly in order to prevent the bonsai from outgrowing its root support system. Pinching back the branches will maintain the shape of your indoor bonsai tree and promote bushy growth.

At Jackson & Perkins, we carefully package and ship all of our live plants, including our bonsai tree gifts, to ensure that they arrive in one piece. You can order from us with confidence, knowing that your recipient will receive their bonsai gift intact and ready to display.