Introducing the Jackson & Perkins® Library of Roses

For Roses That Are as Unique as the Gardener Who Tends Them

The culmination of years of rose development and breeding has arrived! The Jackson & Perkins (J&P) Library of Roses brings gardeners the chance to showcase a curated, limited quantity, and often exclusive collection of roses in their own gardens. The J&P Library of Roses advances the craft of rose growing while preserving American rose heritage in addition to J&P’s proprietary genetics.

Chosen for their superior performance, these collections of handpicked rose varieties continue a tradition that began at Jackson & Perkins in 1872. These new roses display exceptional characteristics and are cataloged in named collections. Every year, we’ll enrich the Library of Roses with new offerings. The J&P Library of Roses will delight gardeners with unique choices, unmatched blooms, and fabulous fragrance. These roses have a story to tell.

J&P Exclusive Introduction Collection

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This exciting new collection brings a trio of totally new roses to gardeners, ones that have never been grown outside of the trialing fields before. The result of long-time collaborations with leading rose breeders, these exceptional roses represent the pinnacle of cultivars and are chosen for their performance, beauty, and disease resistance. Limited quantities are available for the first time, while supplies last only at

A collection within a collection, the Exclusive Introductions highlight what's new each year from the roses wholly developed by J&P. Look for the NEW flag for the roses released this year. In addition to the new varieties, you’ll find dozens of options originally developed by us, for you, within our exclusives. These include popular favorites that may be widely available now after J&P's proprietary development.

J&P Vault Collection

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A popular collection of roses that have enchanted gardeners for decades, these legacy roses have been re-released from J&P’s 150-year-old vault of genetics. Enjoy the return of roses that were originally bred exclusively by Jackson & Perkins. But don’t wait, limited quantities and highly popular varieties will sell fast before being locked back in the vault.

Capturing the sentimental value, historical significance, and enduring charm of the roses, the revival of these cherished favorites are your connection to the rich legacy of Jackson & Perkins. We invite you to reconnect an integral and foundational aspect of gardening history by growing roses and by sharing the tradition with a new generation.

J&P Roses Around the World Collection

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Rare varieties and some offered for the first time in the U.S., this collection showcases favorite roses from across the globe. Developed by international rosarians and renowned growers with world-class reputations, this collection will give your garden a truly exclusive appearance. Bred for resilience and unparalleled beauty, these roses connect the global rose community in revolutionary ways.

Offering American gardeners’ exclusive access to world-class roses and providing unique collections from an esteemed legacy of world-renowned breeders. These are roses chosen for their international appeal, exclusivity, and elegance. J&P’s Roses Around the World evoke a sense of luxury, adventure, and global connection for gardeners looking for something extraordinary.

In addition to our named collections, we’re excited to offer pre-releases, Meilland International varieties, cold hardy selections from Canada and the U.K., and other exceptional rose issues in limited quantities. Many of these roses are available domestically for the first time.

Our commitment to innovation means we expand these collections annually.


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Library of Roses

The Library of Roses Begins

What is the Library of Roses?

Vault Collection Roses

Ronald Reagan Hybrid Tea Rose from the Vault Collection

Golden Zest Shrub Rose from the Vault Collection

Exclusive Introduction Collection Roses

Champagne Dreams Floribunda Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

English Coral Grandiflora Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

La Di Da Floribunda Rose from the Exclusive Introduction Collection

Roses Around the World Collection

Oxford Girl Climbing Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Big Ben Climbing Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Mysterious Floribunda Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection

Sunbelt Garden Flame Rose from the Roses Around the World Collection