Housewarming Plants, Gifts and Flowers

Give the gift of a happy, healthy new home

Setting up a new home is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But choosing the right housewarming gift can prove challenging. But you’ll always get it right with a living gift.

There are so many ways that plants enhance our lives. We all know houseplants are aesthetically pleasing, contributing warmth and style to a room, bringing life and color to dull, empty spaces. But did you know houseplants actually improve our health and overall happiness? We now know that adding greenery to our homes creates soothing environments that help us feel calm and relaxed, boost our mood and creativity, and improve concentration and productivity. In addition, indoor plants help us breathe easier by producing oxygen and purifying the air, absorbing carbon dioxide and harmful toxins, breaking them down into harmless byproducts. They also help regulate humidity, especially in winter, which helps to alleviate dry skin and hair and to reduce respiratory ailments, such as colds, sore throats, and coughs. Not to mention, caring for a plant, watching it thrive and bloom, can be incredibly rewarding.

So, when you give one of these living housewarming gifts, you can rest assured your generous gift is contributing to the creation of a healthy, happy new home.